Monday, November 23, 2015


Number 371 Manhattan Avenue had been sold several years back but work has not started on the former church building just south of 116th Street until recently.  From what we can see, this address was actually two former brownstones that seemed to have been combined by removing the facade ornaments and adding that peaked point at top. As can be seen on the lower photo, that aforementioned decorative addition has now been removed.  If the cornices get added back on the roofline and windows expanded to include lintels along with the proper portico at the entrance way, this would actually be more contextual to the block. For more accuracy, those tiny second and third floor windows would probably also have to be replaced for a more symmetrical layout to make things more balanced.  DOB permits show that one grand single-family home will arrive at this section of South Harlem when all is done.

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