Friday, December 11, 2015


Since the rest of the city and even Brooklyn has become expensive these days, we are discovering a lot more creative class businesses popping up in Harlem.  Furniture designer Joshua Parr stopped by Sugar Hill Market to review his company's line of Mid Century Modern furniture and we were really impressed by the craftsmanship since each piece is all custom made by the young Harlem resident.  The collection also includes smaller kitchenware such as cutting boards, cheeseboards and trivets so a range of well designed home goods can be found within the local collection.  Price points are also at around wholes sale which is pretty much more than 50 percent off of what one would find in retail outlets but everything is made locally instead of overseas.  Get a price quote and see this Harlem business at the final Sugar Hill Market of the year this Sunday, December 13th at La Maison d'Art: LINK

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