Thursday, December 10, 2015


UPDATE: The New York Times has just featured Inoue Sushi in a full feature: LINK

There are a quite a few new sushi options that arrived in the uptown scene this year but Inoue on Lenox  by 129th Street really shines above the rest.  With a carefully selected menu of Edomae style, this newcomer to central Harlem has super authentic offerings with fish flown in from various parts of Japan.  Sushi purists usually look at the freshness of nigiri along with the sashimi offerings instead of the tricked up maki rolls found at the more commercial spots and Inoue has an impeccable selection.

Inoue also grounds up their own wasabi horseradish from the fresh root which is also not common and even the signature salad is not the boring standard since it comes topped with fried grated potatoes. Top quality sushi is usually on the pricier side but that is expected when the quality is there. The newest sushi-ya in Harlem is worth the splurge but will definitely cost less than similar establishments found downtown.  More on the food review can be found in our past post: LINK

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  1. The New York Times published a full feature on Inoue after our post and the link has been added.