Monday, December 7, 2015


A lot of Neopolitan style pizza has arrived in Harlem in 2015 and they are actually all quite good but there is one pie shop that has made the biggest impression thus far.  Bono Trattoria on Broadway at the corner of 151st Street has a brick oven offerings that is reasonably priced and loaded with robust flavors .  In the past, we tried a fig gorgonzola offering that was deliciously bolder than what we usually could find uptown and the namesake pizza with sausage and sweet peppers also shines above the rest.  A couple of Italian expats actually opened the new hot spot in Hamilton Height and the pizza crust has a unique combination of just the right amount of moistness in the center paired well  with a charred chewiness on the outside.  Luca is often at the bar and frequently checks in on how everyone is doing for the night.

We also like Bono because of the open ambiance that is both classic and new at the same time.  Last Sunday night, the eatery was moderately packed with a group of diners that pretty much show the diversity of the neighborhood.  Old timers enjoying date night at the bar while younger couples which included a few gay pairings in the mix were seated throughout the room. Lunch service also just launched this week so things must coming along well for this new uptown culinary entry.  Read more about Bono in our past post: LINK

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  1. Great pick. We love this place. Affordable and great wine choices too.