Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Friends over by Strivers Row have been recommending us to check out Tuscan Kitchen that recently opened just north of 135th Street on ACP.  We were not sure about this one because of the awning out front but it turns out to be like those classic mom and pop shops that used to be in Brooklyn back in the day before gentrification hit.  Parts of Queens pretty much still has a great ethnic food scene with no frills facades such as this one so we decided to drop by over the weekend.  More photos after the jump.

This family run Italian business actually hails from BK and uses a factory in the now famous borough for all of the fresh breads, bagels and pastries at the counter that is brought uptown every morning.  One can actually have quick breakfast takeout at the front right before work and there are about a couple of dozen cafe seats throughout the space. Savory dishes that look quite hearty are also in the middle section and a sandwich station is located closer to the back of the cafe that feels more like diner.

What is also great about the space is an unfinished backyard which will be ready for guests but the time warm weather returns.  We already had lunch and coffee on our visit but will definitely make a point to try some of the food and this great new casual dining option in Central Harlem.


  1. I love the outer boro, old school authenticity.

    The sandwiches are awesome, and also took home the prepared stuffed chicken breasts, very good.

  2. I've heard of this place and had never stopped in, thanks for the info

  3. I stopped in briefly - I love the layout. Food looks good. I plan to go back soon. I live in the nabe.

  4. This is a not a hipster hangout, but just what the neighborhood needs- a decent bakery, a place to pick up bread and get a reasonable priced coffee. I recommend it!

  5. Tuscan Kitchen is very good, they just got an espresso machine, and also make hot chocolates! They also have fresh loaves of bread, and hot food. Very nice and friendly staff serving the community! Thank you!