Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Sale signs are still up at the large abandoned lot by 17 Convent Avenue but now plywood has been posted at this long neglected corner of Manhattanville.  We walked by this key intersection last week and discovered that permits were already posted along with a rendering of the new construction.
Based on the information posted on the hoarding, this will be a 7-story residential building that will be completed about year from now.  Further research shows that the new arrival will eventually be a 21-unit condo building when all finishes up next winter.  Another one of the important points here is that the north entrance of the express trains on St. Nicholas at the corner 127th Street is just a couple of blocks away.


  1. Nice that it won't be a ridiculous tower out of scale with the rest of the immediate neighborhood.

  2. I lived in the building next to this for about 5 years, until about a month ago. We had a lovely view of the abandoned lot... almost like a yard! ;)

    Looks like we moved out at just the right time to avoid noisy construction :) The lot really was a waste of great real estate, though. It's very close to the express ACBD stop.