Tuesday, January 5, 2016


We suspected that Harlem's new beer garden with riverside views would be at the old Hudson River Cafe space and now renovations are at hand.  All of the commercial looking former signage had been taken down and the brick facade has been painted white in preparation for the arrival of Bierstrasse.  The beginnings of hand painted signage can now be seen peering over the fence at the corner of 133rd and 12th Avenue which matched the logo that has been previously published.  This crafted addition to the industrial blocks of Manhattanville will probably be a top destination since the founder of The Grange pub in Hamilton Heights is behind the new arrival.   Another notable business owner just opened up Solomon & Kuff across the street so things are finally looking up for the dining scene at this part of West Harlem.  Check out what the original facade previously looked like in our past post: LINK

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