Monday, March 21, 2016


Mosaic art at the 135th Street stop on Lenox have an old saying up that might just soon be forgotten uptown. Many know downtown's Greenwich Village but older generations in upper Manhattan have been calling their neighborhood the Village of Harlem for quite some time.  Landmark brownstone blocks, open views of the sky and residents that greet each other on the streets on any given day are some of the characteristics that make living in Harlem unique but some fear that this will change in the future as another construction boom arrives.  Uptowners still enjoy one of the last areas of the city that still feels like an old New York neighborhood but how much longer that will last is the big question on the minds of many.

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  1. I will take the bait...

    While Harlem is not the same as it was 10,20, 30 years ago.
    I would argue that it is better,then those days of hallowed out buildings.
    That is the essence of NYC - change.
    Also I think it will still keep its "Village" feel - wide sidewalks, townhomes, etc. Newcomers should be encouraged to use the phrase "Village of Harlem".