Friday, April 15, 2016


An abandoned lot around the corner from Manhattanville Coffee at 142nd Street just east of Edgecombe had a crew on site pouring the concrete foundation for a new construction.   As can be seen in the photo above, steel beams have been placed up by the building next door back in 2010 to stabilize the site for the arrival of a new building and it appears that the day is finally here.  DOB permits filed online has it that a 7-story apartment complex will rise when all has finished up and there will be 36 units in total.

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  1. It's got an extensive patio out back and subterranean skylit space bellow that patio. (My apartment backs up to it.) I wonder if they'll try to do condos. The brought in some very high end fixtures. There's a condo building on the corner above the coffee space that's relatively new.