Wednesday, May 18, 2016


We had a chance to drop by the 2nd Annual Crawfish Boil in Hamilton Heights this past weekend and had to wait to go a second round in the afternoon because the crowds were too dense early on. West Harlem's vintage sports bar at Broadway by 149th Street really knows how to throw a party and having a live big band was one of the attractions of the celebration.  With that said getting some good grub was our main goal and the day did not disappoint.

The main offering for the afternoon was cajun-style crawfish that had been boiled up on large pot just a few hours earlier.  At The Wallace cooked up a double batch this year since they ran out in just a couple of hours at the previous annual cookout and the local bar served up the last orders by early evening this time around.  Some of the other menu items we also tried was the jambalaya hotdogs which arrive topped off with a spicy mix of rice on top.   We thought that the jambalaya was a bit like mash potato in texture but the starchiness added a lot of flavor to the classic american offering.  With the even bigger success of this year's event, it might just be a good idea to spread out to the outdoor dining area of Harlem Public (which is just right next door) at the next annual festival.

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