Thursday, September 29, 2016


We received news that BTH (By The Hudson) closed this month and found an old photo of what the diner on 125th Street by the Hudson used to look like decades ago.  Walking by the address today, we noticed several signs posted on the windows announcing the news and one Bespoke reader mentioned that this might be a big opportunity for something else to come along.  By The Hudson reminds us a little of the overly polished Hudson River cafe that more recently had an update by becoming an old school beer garden which seems to be the right thing to do drum up daily business.

BTH had way too much dry wall, moderate design details and faux brick to make it a destination spot but there is still a lot of metal finishings out front.  Maybe a new owner could come along and add more metallic veneer to the facade and convert the interior into a contemporary diner?  We definitely would go out of the way to visit such a space and this is the sort of charm needed to bring folks out this far west on a regular bases.   Archival photo courtesy the BTH Instagram account.


  1. This diner used to be open 24 hours in the late 70s into the 80s. Great place for breakfast after a night of clubbing