Thursday, September 29, 2016


Opening a legit sushi spot during lunchtime in Harlem can be quite a challenge but Yuzu on Lenox by 127th Street seems to be doing well these days from what we can see.  Higher quality Japanese cuisine is rather on the expensive side but we saw that there was an Ikura Uni don on the menu for $19 and had to try it out.  On our past business travels to Tokyo, this type of meal was quite common at smaller shops about town but quite rare even in Manhattan so we had to see how the Harlem version worked out.

The meal was first served up with a bowl of miso accented with delicious fried tofu skin floating in the savory broth to start and the main course then arrived soon after.  We were surprised at how large the serving came out and the amount of luxurious salmon roe provided was more than generous.  Needless to say, everything was super fresh and the uni was some of the best quality we have had in some time.  There are a lot of cheaper options on the set menu but those who want a mid day treat should head over to Lenox Avenue and have a bit of Japanese style caviar over rice.  More on Yuzu can be found in our past post: LINK

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