Wednesday, October 5, 2016


The Randolph Houses on the south side of 114th Street have beautifully been renovated this year and it appears that everyone on the north side of the block just around the corner of FDB have been moved into the newly restored complex.  We noticed that the dilapidated north side brownstones were all empty and gated off this past week and wondered if the city plans to demolish the block or restore the property.  Another interesting point from this situation is that cash-strapped NYCHA can actually move residents into new accommodations and then re-develop older property.

This actually could be a future solution to transforming public housing since the deteriorating super block towers are not sustainable in the long run.  Moving renters into new buildings being built in the neighborhood and then redesigning the project which would provide more housing and storefronts that could help out with maintaining the building.  The city would also get an influx of funds from interested developers and everyone gets new affordable housing.  More on the Randolph Houses can be found in our past post: LINK

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