Thursday, November 17, 2016


                                                  Rendering via Gambino Laporta Architecture website 

We posted on a new commercial construction in Harlem yesterday and one Bespoke reader mentioned that they discovered a rendering of a possibly proposed retailer on the architectural firm's site. Apparently Sephora might just be arriving in Central Harlem in the near future if the very detail rendering has any merit.
Sadly enough, the location in question is that of the former Lenox Lounge at 286-288 Lenox Avenue but the location by 125th street probably has become quite desirable in the past couple years. Whole Foods will be opening up across the street by early 2017 and the express subway stop is just at the corner.  This is of course very sad news on a historic perspective but landlords pretty much control what happens to their properties unless some sort of landmark status has been designated.  More details on this new commercial development can be found in our past post: LINK


  1. Retail uptown is getting better and better! I welcome it.

    I'm sorry to see Lenox Lounge in the state it's in, but it's very likely never coming back.

  2. I enjoyed spending time in Lenox Lounge and I knew it was never coming back. The atmosphere and staff was always very nice and pleasant. Very sad news. RIP.

  3. This is why blacks should have brought the building that house the Lounge. Weelll... "we" will never learn. And history will continue to repeat itself until the last of the Black American businesses are gone from Harlem for good.