Thursday, January 12, 2017


British designer Stella McCartney showed off her Pre-Fall womenswear collection this week at the more recent iteration of the Cotton Club which was formerly an old gas station in Manhattanville located on 125th Street.  The venue that is popular with tourists makes sense for a fashion label since there is a lot of space within but has nothing to do with the iconic club from the roaring 20s which basically had a pastiche log cabin facade and was located further up north on Lenox by 142nd Street.  As previously mentioned, this newer establishment came about in the late 70s and has a similar aesthetic to that decade but with Art Deco signage placed out front.  Seeing that McCartney' latest presentation does have the long flared silhouettes of the disco era,  it alls seems to work out accordingly.  More photos of the event can be found on the New York magazine site: LINK

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