Tuesday, January 10, 2017


La Diagonal on St.Nicholas at the corner of 119th Street opened in the past 10 days and we were able to drop by for a quick bite last night which turned out to be a revelation.  Many might remember that this used to be the former Cedric's space which offered up standard French bistro fare but now contemporary Mexican has arrived at this intersection of South Harlem. Handmade blue corn tortilla with crispy confit Peking duck, artisan interior finishes along with a full bar of mescal and tequila cocktails make this new arrival the surprise entry of the Harlem dining scene in 2017.

The 40-seater started up by Mexican partners from El Barrio currently has a menu that is more like a gastro-pub which has some of the best food we have tried in Harlem over the years.  There is a large bar for casual diners and also a long communal table made of plank wood.  More intimate side table seating can also be found in the somewhat eclectic interior that mixes warm and modern elements.  Succulent potted plants appear to be bigger trend these days and can also be found at the new eatery.

As mentioned previously, tortillas are all made by hand in-house and even the fish tacos were intact in whole pieces with a crispy brown texture on the outside.  We have had some mushy mashes as far as fish tacos go so this was a refreshing change.  Everything was beautifully presented as can be seen in the photos and this is definitely a spot that is worth the extra expense as far as ethnic cuisine is concerned.  We that said, there will more reviews of the menu which actually has some rather bold flavors in the mix.

Drinks that are priced on the higher end tend to be lackluster at most bars but La Diagonal has some of the best to be found uptown.  Fresh ingredients are pared with the right amount of spirits in a pleasing presentation along with good portions which is pretty much what we all expect from a fancy cocktail. Doors open at 4:00PM every day so make sure to drop to tryout this notable newcomer that will be on everyone's Best List for 2017.  Follow La Diagonal on Facebook for more updates: LINK

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