Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Spring is officially here and we are always looking for lighter fare when dining out which can be somewhat difficult for weekend brunch.  With that said, many eateries do have more smart choices and we remembered that Fumo on Amsterdam by 139th Street had a fantastic looking Lox Pizza.  The omelette with egg whites also was appealing but pizza is always a little more exciting for a cheat day in our opinion.

Our first order of the afternoon was actually the fantastic kale caesar salad which is the best of its kind to be found uptown and never disappoints.  Then came the lox pie which is basically a cooked crust from the wood oven out back which is then top with cream cheese, salmon, capers, red onions along with a sprinkle of micro greens for a bit of color.  This was a delicious update to having a lox bagel in the morning and sharing the order made it even a more lighter option.  An additional order of hot green tea made for a perfect afternoon dejeuner which we would highly recommend for those who happen to be in the Heights.

Hours for brunch start at 11:00AM on the weekends and the restaurant gets quite busy by early afternoon.  More on Fumo in the Heights can be found in our past post: LINK

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