Wednesday, March 1, 2017


UPDATE:  Melba's opened over the weekend so apparently has worked everything.  Supporting all of the local businesses especially during the colder months will help ensure they thrive for years to come.

 We received a few tips today that Melba's at the corner of 114th on FDB might have closed for good.  Images of the shuttered storefront with the ominous seized sign had been submitted this morning and we just took the above photo during the afternoon.   This is pretty much what the city does when they go after restaurants who owe back taxes. So the end of the beloved local business could be at hand unless some benefactor somehow shows up to help the eatery out.


  1. Omg...She has been a community staple. She loved Harlem back to health. I can't believe this. Please continue to publish what we can do to help.

  2. Isn't Sylvia Woods of the famous Sylvia's restaurant on Lenox her aunt? If this is true, it's too bad family couldn't help her stay in business. SMH

  3. Good riddance. The namesake owner concerned herself far more with chasing fame in the form of book deals and reality TV than with putting out a quality product. I'm excited for a more professional restauranteur to make use of the space.

    1. Dang, Jake. Was she mean to you? What food didn't you like and why?

  4. Sad to see, and I hope it's not true. I'll miss the chicken and waffles with strawberry butter. Definitely the best among the three long time prominent soul food places in Harlem. I hope she can make a come back.

  5. That makes me sad. Her food was excellent and the atmosphere their was so welcoming. It's where we had our celebratory breakfast after signing our Harlem lease.

  6. Answer: obviously not...she's open for business, was open a day later. When people have lived little longer, experience will show that many businesses have had this occur (for one reason or another). Good businesses can weather the storm and pay what they must and open in short course. If the business is closed for a week or more....then definitely pose the question. Just a "tip".