Wednesday, March 1, 2017


We enjoyed our first lunch outing at Oso on Amsterdam by 140th Street a couple weeks back and decided to drop by again to try out some of the other signature dishes.  Pozole was on the menu and the brothy mexican soup with chunks of stewed pork cooked up with corn hominy sounded really hearty. This was basically a new experience for us so the expectations were quite high.   With all that said, the offering was definitely one of the best dishes we have tried so far in the new year.

As can be seen in the second soup photo, the corn hominy makes a unique starch addition to the stew and the savory broth with a squeeze of acid from the lime wedge provided really had a nice bold flavor.  Chunks of tender pork shredded easily with scoop of the spoon and really made for a great winter dish.  Lunch is new for Oso and those interested should stop by during the weekday to discover the really great menu.  More on Oso can be found in our past post: LINK

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  1. I can't wait to get more of this Pozole. ❤️ And I think they serve the best margaritas uptown.