Monday, April 17, 2017


The New York Times did an extensive piece on French restaurants in Harlem but left out some other options that we would highly recommend.  Chez Lucienne, Maison Harlem, Cheri and Ponty Bistro are all mentioned but the Harlem Bespoke best new restaurant pick for 2016 was left out.  RDV actually provides a more elevated take on French cuisine and goes beyond standard bistro fare which really caught our eye.  Mountain Bird in East Harlem has a French trained chef but the quirky cuisine that has been considered some of the best offerings in the city may not have been traditional enough for consideration.  Read more about the uptown's  French dining revolution in the New York Times: LINK

Check out the full review on RDV in our past post: LINK

More on Mountain Bird as featured in Harlem Bespoke: LINK

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