Monday, May 8, 2017


The Heights are known as such because of uptowns hilly nature but what is the actual apex of Manhattan?  Apparently the answer is 265.05 feet above sea level and there is a rock outcropping with a plaque at Bennett Park that mentions as much.  Another historic point to note was that this used to be the plot of land that was the location of Fort Washington during the Revolutionary War but does not have a moniker that indicates this somewhat minor detail.

One will easily find the plaque at the park entrance that mentions the old fort of which this part of the Heights is named after but the highest point located between 183rd and 185th Street is a little more difficult to stumble upon.  Looking out for the natural rock formation in the middle of the park will be the easiest way to discover the peak point within the park.

Those interested can actually take the A train to the 181st Street stop and exit at the Ft. Washington Avenue entrance which directly faces the park. The NYC Parks department actually has map online showing the various monument locations:  LINK

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