Monday, February 3, 2020


Harlem BespokeLe Petit Parisien on Lenox by 118th Street not only is a great coffeeshop but also has the best baguettes that we have tried in recent years and is shockingly good.   We actually walked back to the store to thank the owner after our quick meal and he mentioned that all the baking flour comes from France which creates the lighter dough for a truly authentic bread with the famous crispy but chewy crust.  There are list of sandwiches all made to order and the one in the top photo had imported prosciutto, goat cheese, extra virgin olive oil along with a drizzle of sweet honey.  Absolute perfection! Sandwiches are quite large here and can be shared with two people but miniature baguettes are also offered up.  Check out the first review of Le Petit Parisien in our past post: LINK 2020

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