Monday, August 24, 2020


Harlem Bespoke: The uptown art world has now lost one of its major new galleries when Gavin Brown's Enterprise on West 127th Street announced that the location will permanently be closing last month.  Mr. Brown established notable art spaces downtown over 26 years ago and rebelliously opened a grand 4-story exhibition center inside an old brewery building within Harlem's old manufacturing district back in 2016.  Since the gallerist also has restored and lives in one of the historic brownstones of the neighborhood, bringing the art world uptown perfectly made sense.  That was until the pandemic shut everything down.

A Times article mentions that it was impossible to keep up the overhead and thus the mid-tier gallery has now folded completely at the Manhattanville location.  Our opinion would be that this emerging neighborhood would have benefited with such an irreplaceable establishment as an anchor but rent concessions still do not make sense to a lot of landlords during these times for some reason.  As for the multi-million dollar collection, Gavin Brown has now decided to join Gladstone Gallery in Chelsea and will be partners within this new, old-school union.  More details can be found in the New York Times: LINK 2020

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