Friday, October 9, 2020


Harlem Bespoke: Good quality but affordable sushi used to be something easy to find in the city but now everything appears to be very expensive.  With that said, we have rediscovered Charlie's Place on Madison by 126th Street which had an $8 daily special featuring 5 pieces of better than average quality nigiri all made to order.  This was a second visit this week since the price is right especially for a lunch visit on a bright fall afternoon.
There is a sushi bar in the back along with a full kitchen at Charlie's and the phones at the front desk start ringing every 5 minutes for delivery this time of day.  The Korean owners still somehow manage to get everyone's order in and we were more than happy with the end result. Portions were generous especially for the price point and there was even freshly cut scallion on the Hamachi.  Oh, and look at that fresh slice of lemon as a garnish.  Salmon was also bright and fresh as the neighboring jewel-tone tuna.  Shrimp is the only cooked part here but the presentation was more than basic since the ripply textured cut of the prawn was quite unique.   Outside of Japan, Korea makes the best sushi in world so this pocket-friendly, Harlem hideaway is a great bet for two types of cuisine.  More on Charlie's Place in our past post: LINK

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