Wednesday, October 7, 2020


Harlem Bespoke:  Harlem's main affordable sushi takeout spot for over a decade has been Charlie's Place on Madison Avenue by 125th Street but the Korean-owned shop also has dishes like Bibbimbap at affordable prices.  This rice bowl with seasoned vegetables comes with a fried egg but additions like marinated beef bulgogi or even shrimp can be had for just $10 for the meal.  Those not familiar with the specialty should no a slight bit of assembly should be noted at the start meal. 
Just drizzle on the hot sauce, then stir everything together before diving in and also make sure to break into the yoke to add in extra richness.  The presentation might not be as fancy as some of the more artisanal spots opening up all over the city but the price is right and all the flavors are there to savor up.  Cheap eats are a priority these days and we will definitely be back to try out some of the sushi that is made to order or the other hot Korean dishes on the menu. 2020

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