Wednesday, October 7, 2020


Harlem Bespoke:  How much for an SRO on Astor Row in 2020?  The single room occupancy house at 32 West 130th Street arrived on the market for an asking set at $1.15 million last month.   As previously mentioned, we especially like these landmark country homes with wood porch out front but there are some factors to consider. The house in question looks to be in a somewhat livable condition but has not been renovated in decades.
A Certificate of Non Harassment is not in place so the buyer really needs to know what they are doing here if any sort of restoration is the end goal.  With all that said, Whole Foods in front of the express train station on Lenox is just 5 blocks and this part of the neighborhood is one one of the most notable in all of Harlem.  More photos on Streeteasy: LINK 2020

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