Friday, July 23, 2021


Harlem Bespoke: Uptowners who miss healthy eating at Island Salad should check out The Botanist over at the new Manhattanville Market within one of the new Columbia University campus buildings in the area.  Guests entering the new West Harlem food hall on Broadway by 130th Street will notice that there is a wall of glass terrariums to the south entrance that has all sorts of baby greens being grown.  This is the basically the indoor garden for the The Botanist which mixes up many salad recipes on the spot for those who want something a little lighter for the summer season.  We ordered the South by Southwest Salad which had corn, black eyed peas, candied pecans and a smokey tomato dressing to it along with an addition of a protein offering to the mix.  Everything here was exceptional quality (better than Sweetgreen) and worth a return but our one issue is the plating which could look a lot more like the photos online for the final presentation.  Read more about Manhattanville Market in our past post: LINK

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