Tuesday, September 6, 2022


Harlem Bespoke: The loss of the East Harlem Pathmark was a big blow to 125th Street by Lexington Avenue but something much bigger and better has debuted as of last week just a block east at the corner of 3rd Avenue.  Food Bazaar might just have the largest single floor supermarket space in all of Harlem and the vibe is comparable to the now defunct Fairway that was on the west side but with more rustic decor.  There are even more specialty items than Whole Foods but the prices are a whole lot better.  The fresh meat and seafood section is probably New York City's largest from what we can see with deals like $8.99 for a whole lobster and heritage cuts such oxtail or cow feet in mix.  This is all in a large luxury rental building that finished up recently but there is not much else at this intersection of 125th Street since the surrounding blocks are development site. With that said, Food Bazaar is definitely a destination shopping spot for uptowners and worth checking out. 

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