Thursday, October 18, 2012

☞ DWELL: Ellington on The Park 99 Percent Sold

Ellington on the Park located at 130 Bradhurst and 148th Street was one of the big new developments in Central Harlem and the condo is now over 99 percent sold.  Checking up on Streeteasy, it appears that out of 133 units, 1 unit is in contract and that there is only a 2-bedroom unit left for sale at $410K: LINK.  Facing Bradhurst Park, Ellington on the Park was one of the newer mixed-income construction to be established in Harlem and shows that this kind of development can work out at the end for all. More details can be found on the official website:

Check out our past post on one couple's search that lead them to buy at the Ellington: LINK


  1. Why do some buildings sell out in months, and this one has taken about four years? It's a nice enough building, anybody live there and have comments about what it's like?

    1. Added a link to the post on an article in the Times about one couple's experience at the Ellington.

    2. Part of it is that Harlem is a slower market than elsewhere in Manhattan. I can't think of a Harlem condo building that sold out in under a year. But there's also the issue of size. Buildings that sell out quickly are often smaller buildings with 6-20 units. Even at the height of the market, I don't think 100+ unit buildings were selling out in a few months. There's also uniqueness; the rare new building that attempts to capture a pre-war style tends to sell extremely quickly, though it's hard to tell whether that's because there's a lot of demand for such buildings or just because they're so rare.

  2. This building opened during the wrong time, 2009. Right near the the Hamilton Heights/Jackie Rob area. Bradhurst Avenue is beautiful tree lined street here, but even though some of the units are income restricted, they were asking more than other middle-upper middle income coops in the area. Glad they are about completed. A great location, but this area is due for a nice restaurant. Closest thing is Harlem Public which everyone has been flocking to.