Tuesday, August 12, 2014


While downtown restauranteurs such as Danny Meyers of Shake Shack fame try to figure out the uptown market for their next venture, a group of Harlem startups have done quite well and have expanded in the past few years.  For some reason, downtown businesses who are being priced out have not figured out that there is a lot of opportunity uptown but those who have set up solid establishments are doing quite well in a short period of time.  Below are some of the best spots in Harlem that happen to have the same owners.

The Winery and Jado Sushi
The Winery opened in South Harlem before lower FDB had really transformed and a few years later Jado Sushi opened up nearby.   Both have a great following locally and provide an aesthetic that was missing uptown.

Il Caffe Latte Lenox and Il Caffe Latte 145th Street
One of the first cafes in the Mount Morris Park Historic District on Lenox Avenue eventually helped open up a second branch in Hamilton Heights at 145th Street last year.

Harlem Public and At The Wallace
A classic updated Irish pub up in Hamilton Heights called Harlem Public opened less than 2 years ago but has now opened a bar next door called At The Wallace.

Lenox Coffee and Double Dutch Espresso
Lenox Coffee debuted under 3 years ago by 129th Street and has recently helped opened Double Dutch Espresso on lower FDB.

Maison Harlem and BTL Wines
There was absolutely nothing at the corner of 127th on St. Nicholas a couple of years ago but Maison Harlem has become the go to spot uptown and has recently opened BTL Wines across the street.


  1. I hadn't looked at it this way, but it's true - many Harlem businesses are finding enough success to expand. I think it's an important story to tell because many people still don't know all the energy and vitality up here. Bravo to all these entrepreneurs for thinking big and bringing great businesses to our neighborhood!

  2. One of the first was Covo, which is opening another further uptown