Wednesday, September 8, 2010

☞ REVIVE: 125th Elevated Train Station Colors

Color was the big variable for the elevated 125th Street 1 line station renovation and now it seems the true hue has revealed itself. When the $7 million project began in June, the brunt of the initial work involved scraping off the old paint and adding a red primer. Then a pretty drab gray coat appeared and covered most of the southern end of the tracks and also the northern section. More recently, what appears to be the final color has revealed itself. As can be seen from the last photo, teal green seems to be the what officials have selected. It's still a little dark for our taste (a lighter verdigris green is always a safe bet) but at least it's a color. The top photo is that of the landmark steel arch portion which has recently had a protective layer of sheet metal added on to the curve in preparation for the new finishes. All photos by Ulysses

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