Monday, October 18, 2010

☞ DWELL: 466 West 144th Street Sold in October

The public record is out on the sale of the landmark Hamilton Heights house at 466 West 144th Street which went into contract this past July. The 21 foot wide, single family home is big on space, details and expensive finishes since it was renovated back in 2005 when the house was bought for $1.85 million. A year ago, the price was at $2.8 million (the house started in the $3 million range in 2008) and most recently landed at $2 million for the 4,600 square foot home.  The final sales price was exactly at $2 million which makes it the second Harlem house sold at this price range in 2010 and both have been above 125th Street. This property has the distinction of being in a landmark district while the other house,which was located in Central Harlem, probably benefited by not only being on a mostly complete brownstone block but by also having a garage: LINK.

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