Tuesday, November 2, 2010

☞ INTRODUCING: 306-308 West 116th Street

Crain's recent series of articles on Harlem's 116th Street also mentioned that a new $5.3 million, 14-unit apartment building will break ground soon along the South Harlem main street.  The article mentions that the rental building that will be east of Morningside Park (and right before FDB/8th Avenue) should be attractive to Columbia students seeking housing in close proximity to the main campus.

Checking on DOB permits, we confirmed that foundation and excavation work have been approved for an 8-story building on 306-308 West 116th Street as of October.  Also discovered were old plans for the plot on Streeteasy when the vacant land was being marketed last year.  The proposed building on the previous sales listing is only 6 1/2-story tall which is different from what the DOB permits state (original rendering at top photo): LINK. So it's now unclear if they are just adding on to the initial proposal or if a new building has entirely been planned. Read more in Crain's: LINK.  Any more tips out there?

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