Tuesday, November 2, 2010

☞ PROTECT: 449 Convent Avenue

There's another official landmark building in Hamilton Heights that always catches are eyes but not in a good way.  The mansion at 72 Hamilton Terrace that is boarded up looks almost habitable in comparison to number 449 Convent Avenue (between 149th and 150th). Based on DOB complaints, the  SRO was gutted by a fire sometimes in early 2003 and not much was done to the building since.  Braces were added to the front in 2005 to help keep the facade up but one can see that the entire roof is missing and the townhouse is basically a ruin collecting graffiti.  This is another case that has us wondering why the Landmark folks don't intervene and take back the property.  If the current owners can't fix it up, shouldn't it just be sold?

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