Tuesday, November 16, 2010

☞ READ: Remember 125th and 8th Avenue

The top two photos show the original Kelly Brothers saloon that used to exist at 125th Street and 8th Avenue in the early part of the 20th century.  This site was purchased by a developers in the past couple of years and now no longer exists today.  As new commercial space comes into demand in Harlem, some of the older architecture will vanish and be replaced by larger, more modern structures.  We are not going to miss the cluster of smaller shops at the side of the avenue but the old saloon building was a distinct reminder of 125th Street's past.


  1. How are the "economics... best" now for "strictly retail"? Are they knocking down the building to replace the old buildings, which were basically being used as "taxpayers," with new 2 story buildings which will also basically be used as taxpayers?

    Most of 125th Street is ground floor retail, in a few cases extending to a 2nd floor, and the floors above are pretty underutilized in most cases. It's a shame that they don't want to do residential above the ground floor here, and further cements 125th's status as a mall during the day and a ghosttown at night.

  2. This corner building that was better known for a long time as a KFC never struck me as historic or of architectural value. I can see why now, the combining of the windows on the eastern façade has successfully removed any charm this building once had.

  3. The interior shot is brilliant! I love the ceiling and the cigarette display.

    Speaking of demolishing, passed the Manhattan Avenue property the 116th/8th Avenue mosque was considering, the two townhouses cobbled together to make one unattractive building, and Elliman has a big sign touting it as a development site.