Wednesday, November 17, 2010

☞ REVIVE: The West 124th Street Carriage House

When all the foundation work for Aloft Harlem over a year ago, the carriage house condos at 264 West 124th Street probably wasn't having such a good time with all the construction racket.  The top photo from our original post back in September 2009 shows the foundation crack that started to creep up to the 2nd level of the 5-story building as a result of all the work going on around it.  A snapshot of the facade taken yesterday (lower image) after support scaffolding on the front of the building had all been taken down now shows that everything has been patched up.  The Apex condo's main entrance is to the right of the carriage house and Aloft's main entrance looks strategically placed further away on the FDB/8th Avenue side.

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