Wednesday, May 18, 2011

☞ REVIVE: Disney Playground & Garden Preview

The New York Restoration Project has been providing some of the new information for the May 19th construction of the Disney-sponsored community garden and playground. NYRP recently sent over the sketches of what will mostly be set up next this week on the large community space that takes up four building lots at 103rd Street and Park Avenue.  As mentioned in the post earlier this week, 200 volunteers will help put the playground sections together in one day but the garden portions will not be (fully) ready until September: LINK.  The New York Restoration Project is headed up by Bette Midler and also helped out with the Hamilton Heights garden that had received some press last month: LINK.  Click on images to enlarge

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  1. This article has been published again since the server went down last week and lost all of Thursday's post.