Monday, July 25, 2011

☞ DWELL: 319 Convent Avenue Sold Higher

The landmark, 20 foot wide townhouse at 319 Convent Avenue was just listed at the very end of May for $1.6 million, went into contract within 27 days by June and now has a recorded sale in July. This single-family home with 3,596 square foot in total appears to have been renovated in recent years and is located on one of the most beautiful historic districts in Manhattan.  There's not much as far as amenities on the surrounding  blocks but the commercial and transportation hub at 145th Street is not too far away.  With that said, the final recorded sale was notably higher than asking at $1.971 million according to public records.


  1. I went to the open house. This place has decidedly NOT been renovated nicely - or at all, in fact. It's a gorgeous place with a lot of potential, but it needs a LOT of work! I'm assuming they must have closed already? There were trucks in front of the place about two weeks ago clearing out the old owners' possessions.

  2. Ulysses - I don't know why you always say there aren't enough amenities in this neighborhood. There are 3 grocery stores within 8 blocks (and Fairway within 12); 3 drug stores (DR, Rite Aid and Mishkin's); 2 coffee places (Starbucks & Globetrippin'); numerous laundromats and dry cleaners; several restaurants a short walk away on Broadway; and access to 5 subway lines. I've lived up here for 3 years and have never had a problem with amenities.