Monday, August 22, 2011

☞ REVIVE: The 290 Manhattan Avenue Facade

The distinct corner house at 112th Street and Manhattan Avenue has been going through some major interior renovations in the past decade but now it appears that the facade needs a little attention. Scaffolding went up at the townhouse on 290 Manhattan Avenue in the past week or so and permits show that work this time around will indeed involve the exterior.  We had looked at the interior of the house in the past via a website set up by its owners which details the home's conversion from an SRO into a 6,000 square foot, 2-family building up until 2005.  Check out our post for more photos and details: LINK


  1. Beautiful building. It and the waterfall in the park are two favourites when we go by on the No. 7 bus.

  2. I especially love seeing this house around Christmastime. They construct a platform and put several large X-Mas trees and a snowman out front, all lit up at night. It looks great and is something you don't see very often, anywhere in Manhattan.

  3. a friend of mine had a chance to buy this bldg for a song and a dance years ago and she's regretted it ever since.