Tuesday, July 31, 2012

☞ READ: St. Nick's Pub in the Times

The Times has a follow up on the closing of St. Nick's Pub on Sugar Hill and provides a little background on why the historic jazz club has failed to open again.  Basically everything ended back in 2011 when the city shut down the business on 149th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue because it was operating without a liquor license.  Back in 2010, the owner passed away and her son took over but was not able to renew the license. Talks of renovating the space and opening in fall has been floating about but without a liquor license, there does not appear to be hope that the venue will open anytime soon.  This family business also owns the building so the overhead does not seem to be the problem here: LINK


  1. St Nicks is a Harlem institution like other jazz spots, in the right hands this place would be thriving, not shuttered.

  2. Interesting article on several levels.

  3. Yeah, in the right hands. Sad story.