Tuesday, September 25, 2012

☞ REMEMBER: The Harlem Newsboy c. 1943

Gordon Parks' Harlem Newsboy photo taken in 1943 is probably one of the more joyful ones in a collection images taken uptown during the post depression years. Mr. Parks was a pioneer African-American photographer for Vogue and Life magazine but was mainly known for capturing images that relayed the struggle of poor classes in the city. A collection of Gordon Parks work is currently being shown at the Schomburg and another group of photos will debut at The Studio Museum later in November.


  1. What a great kid! Wonderful photo!

  2. Mr. Parks was a giant American artist. I'll be sure not to miss this exhibit,

  3. Parks was an artist in more ways than one--not only photos (art, documentary, fashion) but films (he invented blaxploitation) and writing (fiction, poetry, memoir). A great American polymath!

    And without violating anyone's privacy: I know someone who was the subject of one of Parks's most famous photographs, a portrait of uptown privation in the 1960s--far from just snapping and splitting and cashing the ceck, Parks remained in close contact with this person for the rest of his life, helping with both money and moral support throughout.

    1. The movie Shaft from the early 1970s was directed by Gordon Parks. Thanks for reminding us.

  4. that picture is so great and always makes me smile.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Parks in the early 2000s - at

    a Passover Seder no less!

    Great man and artist.

  5. What a photo! The spirit of childhood shines under that worn-out cap. How I hope the little fellow grew to live a happy and satisfying life. May he be alive today!