Tuesday, October 16, 2012

☞ REVIVE: The Washington Theatre

It appears that renovating theaters and old churches uptown have picked up lately but the Washington Theatre in Hamilton Heights is still waiting for the right developer to come along. The building at the corner of 149th Street was converted into a church and wanted over $11 million starting out but was reduced to $8.75 million in recent months.

We found a listing with interior photos which appear to be in good shape but the broker mentions that low ball offers will not be accepted since this is Manhattan: LINK.  With all things considering, St. Thomas church was sold off for $6 million in the past year and is in South Harlem which has proven itself as a market while West Harlem still is developing.  Better new establishments such as the Harlem Public have only recently opened and have become popular but this is still an area that does not have as much going on as Central or South Harlem.

Check out an archival image of the theater in our past post: LINK

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