Friday, April 12, 2013

☞ REVIVE: Little Progress at Lenox Lounge

UPDATE:  A recent Times article has another opening date set for August: LINK

Based on media reports, the new owner of the former Lenox Lounge space apparently had plans for a March opening but now it appears that things are not working out in a smooth timeline.  We walked by the dismantled storefront just below 125th Street on Lenox Avenue yesterday and noticed that some of the paper in the window had fallen aside and took the lower photo.  The bar that was removed is still missing and there appears to not have been any upgrades made in the past three months since the lease of the space exchanged hands.  There is a lawsuit between the previous lease holder and the current tenant so this might be the reason things are going so slowly: LINK


  1. Hopefully all the parties involved can settle their differences soon.

  2. This idea of gutting the historic spot and reopening elsewhere is so far not happening. I see the new location for the Lenox Lounge (Lenox between 126th and 127th) shows no sign of activity, I was hopeful but skeptical if the new location would ever materialize, it seems less likely as time goes on. For the sake of Jazz history, the ideal solution would be for the Lenox Lounge to return to its original location and be run by someone who can make it work in the new Harlem, regardless of their color.

  3. westsider - that was the intent before the disgruntled previous owner trashed the place before handing it over to a new owner who had promised to keep the historic decor. Ridiculous.