Tuesday, May 6, 2014


It has almost been 3 years since notable modern artist Ugo Rondinone purchased the old Mount Moriah Baptist Church just north of 126th street on Fifth Avenue and construction has been going on for almost just as long.  A Bespoke neighbor sent in the above photo yesterday that now shows the scaffolding going down out front of the newly renovated local landmark.  We expect a pretty spectacular community space opening up in the future and also Mr. Rondinone himself to arrive soon to Central Harlem.  According to past permits, there is apparently one unit of living space also built into the adaptive reuse former house of worship: LINK


  1. So according to the previous story, he's going to be living in this former church, and potentially using it as a community space?

    Pretty remarkable. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Would love to see more of these old churches -- there must be a thousand around Harlem -- used for cool new ventures like this.

  2. Excited to see how this turns out. This part of Fifth Ave is relatively quiet - hopefully whatever this turns out to be doesn't disrupt the mellow vibe of this little area.