Thursday, March 26, 2015


The brownstone block just west of Fifth Avenue on 126th Street  has had a rough decade since a huge part of the residential element had been missing on the south side.  We are not sure when the brownstones were torn down at this corner but the land was sold to a developer who wanted to make a hotel that would extend on to the 125th Street side.  This new construction had stalled for several years during the recession leaving just a partially finished foundation site that was not very attractive.  Last year it was announced that one big commercial and residential development will take over the large parcel which would include 30 apartment units on the 126th Street along with a Bed Bath and Beyond on the 125th Street side.  Today construction is moving along nicely and the block is looking better than any time in recent memory.

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  1. I heard the residential was going to be 6 stories but it doesn't look like that's the case. Anyone know if it's topped out?