Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Coffee is king in Harlem these days with boutique spots apparently opening up on corners unheard of before.  Manhattanville Coffee at 142nd Street and Edgecombe is a good example of this trend since the location directly across from public housing would have been considered quite a risk a couple of years back but the charming java joint is constantly full with customer during the course of the day. Just 5 years ago, this would not have been the case since businesses like Muddy Waters or Tasty News opened and closed within months.  Those spots missed the mark because they looked a bit more commercial then the more cozy but classic trend that was happening in the city.

 Il Caffe Latte on Lenox Avenue first arrived on the scene with a vintage but contemporary appeal back in 2009.  Then Lenox Coffee on 129th Street opened up several blocks north a couple of years later which even had a more traditional aesthetic that everyone immediately gravitated towards.  Astor Row cafe, Chipped Cup, Kuro Kuma, IL Caffe Latte 145th Street, Double Dutch, The Edge,  Sugar Hill Cafe and now Filtered have all hit the right note with the public just in the past 3 years. We hear that ACP by 135th Street might be expecting a new cafe opening soon and have no doubt that this will be success in the neighborhood since there seems to be always a built in demand for good brew.


  1. I wish they would open up in East Harlem too...

  2. I live up north in Norwood in the Bronx and we are praying for more retail stores like this ! ( Moved from Manhattan )