Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Bamboo shades have been concealing the interior of Sushi Inoue at the corner of 129th and Lenox for the past couple of months but we received a Bespoke tip with an interior photo over the weekend.  One of the main challenges here was to make a modern interior a bit more warm and add a little character but not go against the nature of the architecture of the newer construction.  With that said, a white brick wall, decorative ceiling rafters and warm wood floors really make the eatery more inviting in what was basically a glass box of a storefront.  Yuzu opened up just a couple of blocks north earlier in the season and is currently our favorite sushi spot in Harlem so we are looking forward to see what Inoue has to offer when they finally open in coming weeks.


  1. Great looking space. This is also particularly interesting because there will be another sushi restaurant opening on the corner of 119th and Lenox some time soon. If you walk by the space most weekday mornings, you can see workers inside busily preparing the interior. It looks like it's going to be a very nice space.

    That means that by the end of the summer, Lenox will have three new sushi restaurants (Yuzu, Sushi Inoue, and the one on 119th and Lenox).

  2. Sushi Inoue is now open!!!!