Tuesday, July 14, 2015


The block of West 123rd Street just east of 8th Avenue is looking really good these days but one of the only wood frame houses left in the are still needs a little love. Number 217 West 123rd Street is apparently categorized as a church so the owner probably does not have to pay taxes on a fixer upper that is worth quite a bit in today's market.  The building has been abandoned as long as we can remember and no new permits have been in the past 8 years.  Does anyone else out there have additional information on why this property has not been sold?

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  1. I am one of the owners. The property is tied up in litigation. Taxes are paid and not in full. The City of New York dropped the ball on this. The house is listed as religious and no church has existed on the ground floor for a very long time. It also has classification as being a "garage" from the 1930's. Our family purchased it in 1952. More money to fix the classification. There is no simple solution to selling the property. Perhaps your blog will generate interest in the legal elite to assist in keeping it from unscrupulous land developers.