Monday, May 16, 2016


Hamilton's Bakery opened this past weekend on Broadway just north of 145th Street and the neighborhood definitely took notice.  When we walked by the newest cafe in Hamilton Heights on Saturday, the large commercial storefront was fully packed in the afternoon so we got in line to get some coffee.

The line was eventually too long of a wait for us but we took quick tour of the combined retail space that merge two smaller shops into one big new establishment.  A seating room with table service takes up most of the room of the second half and the takeout counter is in the first section.  We did not see any industrial kitchen in the back like most bakeries so it is unclear if this is just the name of the cafe at this point.  With that said, there were baskets of fresh bread behind the counter which look to be selling quite well.  Coffee shops appear to be the neighborhood spot that the neighbors really appreciate so we expect even more to arrive uptown in the near future.


  1. The ovens are downstairs -- counter staff told us that all baking is done on site.

  2. I had a bagel there the other day the quality was very good and fresh, the downside is they do not give you much cream cheese or butter. My wife had a croissant that she said was good which is saying a lot for someone that lived in Paris most of her life.
    Now we have two good options for bagels (if the other place doesn't run out) and croissants in the area.

  3. Can't wait to check it out!

  4. All the baking is done in the downstairs section, on site, by the owner, Jenna. She is a magnificent chef and constantly coming up with new recipes to delight her customers!