Thursday, January 5, 2017


Our popular HB series that ranks the top 10 uptown micro-nabes is back for the best neighborhood countdown of 2016.  Harlem is a large part of Manhattan that changes block by block so we have put together a list of the best micro-nabes based on location, architecture, transportation, local amenities along with record closing prices when applicable. This is our own opinion based on reporting on the neighborhood for a few years and a new post will be made each day until the number one spot has been revealed.

No. 4: The Morningside Park Corridor, The blocks within the Morningside Avenue and Manhattan Avenue from 110th to 124th Street.  Breaking the top five again is the architecturally intact area just below Morningside Park which has lovely brownstones on the side streets along with prewar buildings built over a century ago.  Park views and playgrounds are also a big selling point here with the many families in the neighborhood.  The corridor drops one position this year because prices have pretty much stayed around the lower $3 million mark for a fixed up townhouse.

Rental building 90 Morningside was the last big building that needed to be fixed up in the nabe and is now one of the best renovations achieved in South Harlem.  A couple of years back there were quite a few shells or abandoned buildings in the area but those have nearly all disappeared and the value of the neighborhood is now clearly in view.  The Morningside Park Corridor works well because it is adjacent to the commercial strip on lower FDB and that it is also close to the express subways nearby on 125th Street.  Charm, intact architecture, nearby amenities and express trains along with park views have made the blocks just below 125th Street one of our favorites in Harlem.

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